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10 Styles to Play Stylish with Salwar Kameez in Office

10 Styles to Play Stylish with Salwar Kameez in Office

It can be boring to wear the same traditional salwar kameez to the office every day. How often do you give a treat to your look? Rarely, we guess! Hands downs to some exquisite salwar kameez styles as office wear and bring some exotic change. Well, if you are confused with the best styles to try or the right alternative to your salwar kameez, keep reading.

Here, we will suggest you best tips wear salwar kameez to office

Enhance Style Technique

It is not compulsory to continue the way it has been going. Meaning, you can change the way Salwar Kameez is carried/ worn. Better, team up a few distinct things and make your own fashion waves. You can make a shift by layering palazzo or skirt with kurta for an unmatched exotic look. Also, try putting contrast and striking colors as they work best in this fashionable era.

Go Stylish with Cotton Anarkali

With the amazing flare as its property and ability to wow everyone, Anarkali is never going out of fashion. The good thing about Anarkali is that they work best on almost every body type and style. Still, there are several style variations, therefore, allowing you to choose from a number of options.

Let Full Length Salwar Kameez make the Noise

There is nothing which stands tall in comparison to the very own salwar kameez. You can make your own combination by styling pants and contrast dupatta for an unmatched look. Make an amazing combination of three-piece dress and let everyone guess where you bought it from.

Break the Rules with Jacket

Jackets suits are most stylish and elegant way to wear salwar kameez. The good part about the style is that the jacket is detachable and can be paired with your western outfits as well. To ascertain the real contemporary look, just add a pair of silver jhumkas and you are good to go.

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Get Work Ready with Short Tunic

Short Tunic is a preferable style to wear for office. The style is a jackpot in itself like you can wear it with denim, formal trousers or palazzo and look equally good anyway. Why not buy a 3-4 tunics and hit it to work?

Attend Special Events in Sherwani Suit

Diwali celebration or farewell party in office? Try out Sherwani Suit, as it is an ideal pick for special days. This can always remain as an elegant pick for your office but the choice of fabric remains yours. Select a fabric which makes you look simple and sophisticated for the event.

Break all Stereotypes with Sharara

Wearing sharara with kurta will be like welcoming a change in the monotony of dress circle. Sharara can be uncommon with people like us celebrity designers own the endless love when it comes to unparalleled styles. You can now wear it on work with the choice of subtle colors and add a good day to your fashion diary.

Tie it up with the Angarakha

Well, the style might feel a little traditional to take back now but actually is a royalty in itself. The combination of V-neck with the overlapping pattern of angarkha covers extra curvy side in a very nice way. Best suited for women with the hour-glass shape as the overlapping design would enhance your body shape.

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Asymmetrical is the New Cool

Who said workaholics fails at fashion? If someone does, prove them wrong. Asymmetrical kurtis are seen as a hot trend and is a huge wave in the fashion circuit. The style can be visualized as C-cut or high-low kurta style that is comfortable and ethnic altogether. Be a head turner and showstopper at your office workspace.

Go formal with Pretty High Necks

Undeniably, high necks look official in comparison to other neck patterns that we see generally. Tall and slim women usually go for the high neck pattern and prefer wearing it for some obvious reasons. This neck pattern goes adjacent to the churidar bottom and can be paired with matching leggings.

The Bottom Line

If you are planning to add some ethnic styles of your office look, these styles will fit perfect to hands down the transformation.

Apart from the styles mentioned above, do you have any style in your mind? If yes, then tell us in the comment section below.

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