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8 Gorgeous New Ways To Drape Your Lehenga Dupatta!

A properly draped dupatta is something that adds an elegant look to your lehenga. No matter how beautiful the dress is, a nicely draped dupatta adds an extra grace to it. Here we have some tips and tricks to drape your Lehenga dupatta in different styles!

Keeping it Simple

Image Source: myShaadi.com

Simple is the style that always works. Just drape the dupatta across your chest and then pin it up on the shoulders. This especially looks great if your dupatta is the most highlighting part of the dress having heavy work or embroidery on it. This way, the beautiful dupatta will enhance the look.

The Pakistani Drape


Image Source: Frugal2Fab

The Pakistani style of draping the dupatta is also ruling the evenings lately. Go the Pakistani dupatta way this time. Just pin up your dupatta on one shoulder and wrap it around onto your other hand taking it from the back.

Belt it up

Image Source: shaadiamantran.tumblr.com

Try new experiments with the dupatta. Belting is the new trend in the town today. For this style, wear the dupatta in a normal fashion and use a fancy belt around your waste. This will also focus the attention towards your waste and make it look thinner. The belt also adds an extra grace to the dress.

The Royal Style

Image Source: Pinterest

This style of dupatta draping adds elegance to your dressing style. Just pin the dupatta on one shoulder and let the other end fall on the other. Draping it around your wrist can make it a little more manageable.

The Double Drape


Image Source: youmeandtrends.com

Wearing dupatta front and back is among one of the trends lately. This style has grabbed a lot of attention, especially in special festive occasions. For this style, you just need to drape one dupatta on the front side of your shoulders, and the other on the back side of your shoulders. Tuck the other end of your waste and you are all good to go.

The Classic Way

Image Source: mirraw

This is one of the most popular styles to wear your dupatta. Similar to the saree drape, this style is one of the most used styles. Tuck one end of the dupatta into your skirt from the back taking it across your body like a saree pallu. This style never fails and is one of the easiest to wear.

The Front Style

 Image Source: Pinterest

Try the front façade style. Just drape the lehenga dupatta on your front across your shoulders. Make pleats and pin it up on one side. Leave the other side open and let it flow.

On the Elbow

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This is one of the easiest ways to drape it. Simply carry your lehenga dupatta on the inside of your arms from behind. This style looks extremely graceful with all Indian wears and also is very easy to do.

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