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Fitting is Vital For a Perfect Dress 

Image Source: Perfect Fit Is there any specific definition of perfect dress? For some people, a perfect dress combines latest fashion and style, while some prefer comfortable attire as a perfect dress. For many people, perfect dress flaunts the body structure. Briefly, it depends on the perspective of one to express herself through the outfit […]

Save your Shopping Time  

Image Source: Avoid Emotional Spending The fact that tailored dresses cost a bit more than ready-made garments can never be denied. You might find ready-made clothes cheaper than tailored clothes. However, the price difference between ready-made and custom suits is negligible if you consider the amount of time you spend during shopping. When you go […]

Tailoring, the Secret of a Well-Dressed Woman


Often ready-made dresses are not ready to be worn. Clothes with loose straps, ill-fittings, bulging waistbands, ill-fitting shoulders, and gasping blouses can spoil your mood. And for people with age above 40, the difficulties are more as nothing seems to fit well. Fortunately, the tailors are there to save your day. They are sometimes overlooked […]