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How to Cut & Stitch a Princess Cut Kurti

Princess Cut kurtis have never gone out of fashion. How would it feel, if you could stitch you own princess cut kurti at home? Wouldn’t that be awesome? This article will help you to cut and stitch your very first self-made princess cut kurti.

A princess cut kurti is similar to a straight cut kurti or kameez with the only difference is the shape. A princess cut kurti has the shape a little similar to A-Line Kurti. Some of the alterations for princess cut kurti are

  • 1 =    Midpoint of AB
  • 3 =     Far from the mid-line as is 7 (0-7) (3.5″)
  • 4 =     Midpoint of 5-6
  • 5-6 =     Hip + 3″ (Hip measurement is similar to straight-cut kameez)
  • 6-7 =     Seam Allowances 1.5″
  • 0-7 =    5″ (or about 3 – 4)
  • 7-2 =    11″ (or 10.5″)
  • 0-8 =    Half Shoulder
  • 8-A =    Shoulder Slope

Cutting line

Image courtesy: Kamala-n.blogspot

Once you cut the pieces, you will have two center pieces along with four side pieces for both front and back.

While stitching, keep both the cut pieces together. Next, place the piece B over A so that the right sides face each other and E and E+ points coincide. Use pins to secure and sew along the entire length of the cloth. Repeat the same procedure with the other side and back side pieces too.


Image courtesy: Kamala-n.blogspot

final layout

Image courtesy:

The remaining steps are similar to the straight cut kurti. It is optional to keep the side seams and slit openings. Instead, you can sew the side edges together. Princess-cut kameez will look best when worn with gathering churidars or pants.

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