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The Garment Manufacturing Process Flowchart


A garment has to go through a long process before it reaches your wardrobe. A flow chart is a perfect way to describe the process of garment manufacturing. This flow chart also describes how a raw material gets converted into a manufactured garment that is wearable.

Flowchart of Garment Manufacturing Process:


When a buyer sends a demand, he or she sends a technical sheet and an artwork of the order they want. This can be a manual or a computer work.

Pattern Making

Following the technical sheets and artwork, the pattern of each garment style is made. These patterns are made both manually or by a computer system

Fit Sample Making

The primary target of making a sample is to follow the details on the instructions of that particular garment style. The garment is sent to the buyer for rectification and then updated manually.

Production Pattern Making

Keeping in mind the net dimensions, this process is done by computers or manually.


The buyer suggests the size ratio of that particular order. The order is then graded accordingly to them.

Marker Making

The marker is a thin paper on which all the parts of a garment is present. Marker makes the cutting process easy.

Fabric Spreading

Before cutting the fabric, it is spread to get proper measurements.

Fabric Cutting

Before the garments go through the cutting process, inputs are taken from the buyers to avoid any confusions.

Cutting Parts Sorting and Bundling

Here, the fabric cuttings are sorted out and made into bundles to get them ready for the next process.


All the fabric cuttings are joined in this part to make the complete garment.

Garments Inspection

The garments after being sewn, are inspected to find faults in them before they reach customers.

Garments Ironing and Finishing

The garments are ironed and finished in this step.

Final Inspection

After ironing and finishing, the garments are finally inspected on the terms of the buyer’s specifications.

Garments Packing

When the garments are sewn and inspected, they are packed in the poly bags.


The garments are packed in cartoons to avoid damage to them.


When the garments are fully ready, they are shipped to the buyers finally.

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