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The Life of a Garment, from Seed to Sale: 6 Steps in the Fashion Supply Chain

The Life of a Garment, from Seed to Sale 6 Steps in the Fashion Supply Chain

All consumer products, the best fabrics to the best clothing travels through a process to reach its consumers. The story of a garment is a long one before it reaches to people’s wardrobes. Even a simple cotton t-shirt travels a long distance before it ends up in a closet.

Here we will discuss the steps that a garment follows:

Step 1: Planting and Harvesting the Raw Materials

Talking about Cotton, it is probably the most widely used material for clothing. About 60% of the woman’s clothing and about 70% of men’s clothing is made up of cotton. About 110 million bales of cotton is cultivated today every year cultivating about 2.5% of arable land. Farmers today use hi-tech agriculture machinery to make the cultivation process simple and productive.

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Step 2: Weaving the fiber into cloth

Fabric weaving is a process that came into light long back in time. Cotton weavers worked manually in the past to generate fine quality fabric. The process is now evolved to use high machinery to generate fabrics now. These fabrics are then converted from looms to sheets of clothes that can further be bleached or dyed.


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Step 3: Finishing and Shipping the cloth to Distributors

Once the fabric is converted into sheets of cloths, it is then shipped to the textile finishing facilities. This is a place where the garment starts to take a recognizable form. This involves purification and cleaning of the fabric. Here the fabrics is also made to go through the coloring machines to add textures and colors to the cloth.

Step 4: Producing the Garments

Some fashion houses generate their own fabrics and produce garments. While, some buy fabrics and only generate the final products. These garment generating facilities are present globally and independently produce clothes from the raw materials. The garments that are produced in this step is a finished product and need to be cleaned and pressed before they are finally packed.

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Step 5: Shipping Finished Products to the Warehouse

This step involves the ways in which a garment reaches from the warehouses to people’s closet. Many fashion houses uses a number of channels to make their garments or products reach their customers. Once the garments arrives a warehouse, the warehouse will get a call from the retailors. Warehouses sell out products to both online retailers and individual storekeepers.

Step 6: Distribution from Warehouse to Storefront

After the shipment is processed, the employees of the stores scan in detail the products and prepares them to be displayed in the outlet. The garments or dresses that are most common are sold quickly. Also the way in which they are displayed or presented to the customer, also increases or decreases its sale.

The Bottom Line

This is a simple process that almost every garment follows before it reaches its consumers. This process undergoes changes with evolving technology and communication process. Clearly, there is a lot of steps a that even a simple t-shirt has to follow. However, fashion houses these days are using new methods to empower and refine their supply chain. Several experts are also brainstorming the market trends to help fashion companies grow.

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