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The Six Tools You Must Have For Your Beginner Sewing Kit

The Six tools you must have for Your Beginner Sewing Kit

If you are new to sewing and do not exactly know what all things you will need? The sewing machine is one of the primary things you need, but there are several other things as well. Here we have a short list of all the supplies that you may need in sewing kit to start your first project.

The first thing you need in your sewing kit when you set off for a sewing project is a pair of nice scissors. The scissors should be of high quality. A little big investment in this thing is not really a loss. The scissors should be safe and smooth in operation. Basically, you need three pairs. The first one to cut only fabrics. The second one needs to be a smaller pair with sharp points.

The smaller one is meant to be sitting next to your machine to snip threads. The last one you need to use for things other than fabrics. This can be anything that you use making the project.

A Comfortable Seam Ripper
A seam ripper is sometimes available with a new sewing machine you just purchased. If not, it is wise to get it yourself. The seam ripper needs to be super sharp so that it can cut through the stitches fast and quickly. The seam ripper also needs to be comfortable to hold on to.

Measuring Tools
You will always need proper measurements to work on sewing projects. Having a 12” school ruler is a good start, but you still need an inch tape. This is one of the necessities when you need to take body measurements. A 60” long tape is all enough for all your projects. Working with tapes longer than this can be a challenge.

Marking Tools   
You always need some marking tools in your sewing kit while working on sewing projects. Especially while working on a commercial project, you need to make marks on the fabric before getting the final stitching done. There are several marking tools such as the carbon paper that can be used to transfer patterns to the fabric. For making other markings on the fabric special pencils and markets are also available.

Colored Tapes
These can be a pretty handy tool when you are a beginner and finding it difficult to sew in a straight line. Most of the sewing professionals like to keep a roll of tape that is ¾” in width next to their machine.



While working on sewing projects, you might need to pin the fabric while it goes through the machine to keep it in place. Having a good set of pins that easily glides through as every fabric is a must. Also going for pins that have a glass head is a wise choice. This is because of the reason that plastic body pins may melt as the fabric goes through the hot machine and change their shape.

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