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Womens Top Graphics Forecast F/W 2017-18

If patterns shape the dress, the graphic embossed on them make them likable or unlikable. They have a special significance in the look of the dress. Prints have the power to turn the heads on you when blended with correct color shade, shape, and amount.

A sneak peak is present below from the future, which tells how the 2017-18 will look like for fashion industry. It incorporates the list of the essential geometries that will rule the fashionable prints including complex geometry, to synthesized eccentric, to more. If you are planning to reflect your geometrical outfits in the year, have a look on the fashion shapes that are a must.

Complex Geometry


A wide and versatile look can be accomplished with varying geometry. The look generated by it on the clothes sometimes merge various outlines into one making it a complex yet precise look. This year, complex geometry will mark the presence in retro sensibility, patchwork will be highlighted and faux texture will be used for carving geos. A three-dimensional reflection can be seen with such arrangement.

Eccentric Mix


A mix is never too old to flaunt. The mixing patterns composed of era designs and vibrant colors makes a perfect combination for stealing the show. The geometry patterns are when blended with contrast floral designs, gives a nice combination of quirky resemblance. Moreover, vintage patterns and eclectic styling are all that exhibit a desired eccentric look with the eccentric arrangement.

Everything and Nothing


Verbiage graphics are the new cool. People like to choose and wear stark and to the point graphics in designs. Thus, an engaging and straight presentation with a strong content is the key. These graphics contain the message of a change, attitude, and powerful voice and approach.

Land of the Dreamer


This will build the new trend of fashion land with creatures like swan, birds, and bugs. Animals are making the interest and place in clothes of the upcoming time. Layered graphics with humanized creature engraved for the style lead to the excitement in the fashion fame.

Hollywood Romance


Inspired by the art deco artist, Tamara De Lempicka, Hollywood romance graphic design is much more lustful and elegant. Cohesive and heavy shadow patterns will make visible patterns in the creativity and designs of clothes. Moreover, flat colors and lines with exaggeration make incorporation here to finalize a beauty dress.



The Indochine pattern in the clothes is also in the list towards substituting a great effect. Fashion industry embraces improvisation and experimentations such as calligraphy graphics within the outfits for subtle texture for women. Slight colors, adequate brush size, and south-east asian compose the artistic look.

Kitsch Rodeo


The modern and fun look has been adopted by the cowgirl old image. The repeated patterns can be seen with shining colors. Illustrated scenes add the strength and appeal in the reflection of the clothes.



Propaganda is experiencing valid emerging trends with poignant imagery. Individuality, love, and art have taken the place and replaced with the autonomous art of the style.

The Bottom Line

Graphics complete the look of an attire and witness its perfect reflection. These are the latest geometrical designs for the 2017-18 year. The fashion industry is going to be ruled by these top graphics creating a strong impact through clothes in the social culture.

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